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Regional Workshop and Seminar on HIV, AIDS and Housing Sept 2014, Johannesburg, South Africa: Presentations


27 representatives from housing organisations in eight Sub-Saharan African countries and Canada participated in a three-day workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa, on HIV, AIDS and housing to confront the multiple and inseparable links between housing conditions and HIV. The workshop was co-hosted by Rooftops Canada, We Effect Southern Africa (formerly, the Swedish Co-operative Centre) and MES Johannesburg. This workshop started with a brief overview, context setting and assessment followed by five capacity building and exchange sessions. It ended with all participants preparing their own action plans and providing inputs into a regional action plan. It was followed by a half-day seminar on the same topic with a wider audience of interested South Africans, and site visits in Johannesburg.  


The workshop and seminar reports and all presentations can be downloaded by clicking here.




Rooftops Canada is one of the pioneers in identifying and responding to the critical link between housing and HIV and AIDS. Rooftops Canada-supported programs in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda and India as well as its African regional and international networking efforts all put HIV and AIDS on the housing and human settlements agenda.


HIV and AIDS remains an urgent issue in sub-Saharan Africa, especially among women and children living in urban slums where HIV prevalence is almost twice that of rural areas.


Rooftops Canada and its African housing partners have been responding to the impact of HIV and AIDS on their members, clients and staff since 2002. Training of peer educators has reduced stigma and discrimination in housing groups. Community-driven projects have improved food security and enhanced the livelihoods of housing co-op members living with HIV. Targeted financial support, exchange visits and technical assistance by Canadian HIV and AIDS specialists have helped partners develop policies and deliver programs.


In Zimbabwe, ZINAHCO established HIV and AIDS support groups in district co-op housing unions. NACHU in Kenya works with commercial sex workers, and its new “Build and Live” curriculum encourages responses to HIV among co-op housing youth and women. MES is implementing programs for homeless people living with HIV and AIDS in Johannesburg’s inner city. In Cameroon, CONGEH continues to promote women’s property and inheritance rights in the context of HIV and AIDS through a strengthened network of community spaces. And, in Tanzania, WAT has a new HIV and AIDS policy.  


Working with Canadian and US networks, Rooftops Canada continues to raise the profile of HIV, AIDS and housing at the global and regional levels. After a decade’s work, there was a welcome breakthrough at the World AIDS Conference in Washington DC in July 2012. Leaders from UNAIDS and other major institutions agreed to place housing security on the global agenda to end AIDS – an important victory on the road to an AIDS-free world.


A fact sheet on Housing, HIV and AIDS developed together with the Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD) and other information resources are available for download.


Photo by Patrick West.


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